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3900 Vinewood Ln N, Plymouth, Minnesota 55441

Zach Berbig, Fitness Instructor

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Zach Berbig

Hi, I’m Zach Berbig and I’m the Owner of FXB New Hope & Plymouth!  One of the driving forces that motivates me is giving back to a world that’s given so much to me and my family.  As a Trainer and Owner of FXB, we provide a platform for a great number of people to improve upon their lives!  I love playing a small role in helping produce real, good change in people and the world around us!  After seven meaningful years with FXB, on the mats, in the office, and on the mic, I’m finally confident that someday I’m going to get good at training!  Meanwhile, the friends I’ve made and continue to make, the success I’ve enjoyed and helped others realize, and the joy that we build and enjoy together will sustain me.  I’d love it if you'd join me for a sometimes irreverent, but fun, hard, and rewarding workout!

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