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Hank Hadash, Fitness Instructor

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Hank Hadash

Hi, I’m Hank Hadash and I’m a Trainer at FXB New Hope & Plymouth!  My mission as a trainer is to provide the most intense 45 minutes of sweaty fun to our guests.  I truly believe that if you have fun and enjoy what you do, you can destroy any challenge presented.  Challenges present themselves in amazing ways and FXB has taught me so much more than just how to punch and kick stuff.  If you would have told me on day one as a member that 4 years later this is where I'd be, I would have laughed you out of the building.  But challenges present themselves in different ways in life, and for me, becoming an instructor was the biggest challenge at FXB.  Doing the physical stuff is easy, but building the self-confidence and courage to put the mic on was the struggle.  Thankfully, Krista and Zach saw something in me that I didn't and gave me the support, encouragement, and freedom to grow.  Now, my focus is to help our guests find that special something in themselves to make the changes they deserve.  Seeing members become the best version of themselves is what keeps me coming back everyday and knowing that I had a small part of that, fills me with joy.  It's truly humbling that so many people let us into their lives and trust us to push them to be better.   I may yell a lot and look kind of intimidating, but I'm always here to help.  I want you to succeed and I will push you past your limits.  You will want to quit, but you will not!  You will fall down, but I'll be right there to pick you up and get you going again.  I will get you to your goals!

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